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The Tourist Project Of The Setap Group For The International Bid Of Ideas For Maspalomas Costa Canaria

The city of Maspalomas began building in 1961 , year of the celebration of the International Bid of ideas for Maspalomas Costa Canaria. This event was sponsored by the owner of the lands Mr. Alejandro de Castillo y Bravo de Laguna, the Count of Vega Grande.

The group of French architects and city planners ATEA and SETAP where awarded first place in the bid. The project stood out due to its high quality details, the respectful distribution with the landscape and the majesty of its urban forms in the different enclaves that comprised the project.

The analysis of the professional work of ATEA and SETAP, the city models that were developed in the atelier, the academic experience of working with the ateliers of the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in France by some of the members of SETAP, and the bid, are some of the ideas developed in this investigation..