An Importance-Performance Analysis of Backpackers at Ro...

An Importance-Performance Analysis of Backpackers at Robinson Crusoe Island Resort, Fiji

Rapid tourism growth over recent decades has brought with it a number of challenges for accommodation providers, and particularly located on small islands. Increasing competition has necessitated the need to secure high customer satisfaction, and to develop techniques that allow such satisfaction to be measured and monitored. Traditional tourist satisfaction research commonly used standard Likert-type scales to assess to what degree tourists were satisfied with certain attributes. However, this method neglects the fact that some of these attributes are of more or less importance to guests than others. The Importance-Performance Analysis (I-P Analysis) measures both the importance of an attribute to the guest, as well as the satisfaction with the same attribute. An I-P survey and analysis was conducted at a backpackers resort on Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji. Results show that resort management know their target audience and cater well for them. However, results also show that there is room for improvement in some areas, and that other areas appear to get too much attention.

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