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Ética y mediación cultural en el ámbito turístico. Los mediadores del ocio turístico y el animador turístico

The cultural reality of a region is an argument more than sufficient to distinguish a tourist offer, although because of several circumstances some practices have eventually distorted the initial potential for the sake of a tourist benefit much closer to popular standardization. This fact is related to the questionable ethical practice of the leisure industry and its promoters. The experiences in this sense are not limited to a specific country, but have been carried out in many consolidated tourist destinations. At present, their consequences can be unsuspected, since the tourist has more and more information about the destination’s context and tends to value authenticity and singularity more. Between the tourist attractions and the travellers are the intermediaries and the promoters, the companies that act as real channels for proposals and highlight many of the potential aspects of the region to dynamize the destination. It is the context of the tourist mediators, who act in three different areas: the administration, the agencies and the establishments offering accommodation. The third of these typologies defines tourist entertainers. This profile has not been analyzed in depth, even though it is a key element within the tourism industry. Analyzing this profile in depth, the essential functions –relationship, production and organization- can be determined. Such functions must lead to proper, suitable, real proposals so that the exerted mediation is authentic and accurate according to the cultural context of the establishment. This should enable optimal dynamization, which has positive effects on the traveller, the region and the mercantilist intentions of the companies that exert their mediation.

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