Is to be an academic journal of basic and applied science


ARA: Journal of Tourism Research

In the Taíno language, one of the indigenous languages of the Caribbean, the term Ara means tree and people, among various other significations. Ara is a symbol of Caribbean identity and origins as well as a universal symbol with a positive message.

The main objective of the Ara Journal is to be an academic journal of basic and applied science. Through the publication of articles and studies specialising in scientific research and practice it aims to deepen, extend and propagate the understanding of the network of relationships between tourism and the sustainable development of communities.

Ara invites researchers from all academic disciplines around the world to contribute to this objective. Especially welcome are studies which deal with tourism in the Caribbean in the widest sense of the term, that is to say including the eastern coast of the American continent bordering the Caribbean, as well as those studies which focus on areas of other parts of the world with similar situations to those in the Caribbean.

Articles may be submitted in English or Spanish and will be published in the original language of the manuscript. The abstract will always be published in both languages. The frequency of publication of Ara Journal of Tourism Research is half-yearly.

ARA has recently been incorporated to the Portal for Scientific Journals of the University of Barcelona (RCUB). Please check the journal's NEW WEB SITE